The Discipleship Journey with College Students

Recently, I sat down with a college student who wanted to “dive in” to the spiritual waters of discipleship in a deeper way. This is a student I’ve been alongside of as a spiritual mentor for a couple of years now and it’s always encouraging to know that a college student wants to put some … Continue reading The Discipleship Journey with College Students

Jesus’ Last Name

This is the book I’m digging into currently. Richard Rohr has been a favorite author and speaker for me for a few years now. This particular work is his attempt to help us reframe our ideas about Jesus & the Christ. What’s the difference? Isn’t “Christ” Jesus’ last name? Or is there more to it … Continue reading Jesus’ Last Name

Discipleship Resources for Campus Ministry with Byron Borger

For 8 years, I was on staff with the CCO ( and through that organization met one of the most brilliant yet approachable book nerds on the planet, Byron Borger. Byron and his lovely wife, Beth setup an incredible display of books every year at the Jubilee Conference from their bookstore in Dallastown, PA ( … Continue reading Discipleship Resources for Campus Ministry with Byron Borger

Life in the Valley

Valleys can be quite beautiful. I remember hiking in the Sawtooths in Idaho a few years ago with a friend and there were steep striking valleys with trout-filled streams funneling through epic slopes on either side. While in Ecuador nearly 20 years ago I remember hiking through the picturesque foothills around one of the tallest … Continue reading Life in the Valley

Nutrition Is The Key (spiritually speaking)

Over the past few years, I have neglected a few things that used to be important to me: reading scripture, prayer, journaling, reading, spiritual disciplines, etc. At the same time, I’ve increased some bad habits: sleeping in, watching too much tv, playing games on my iPad, etc. During this time, I’ve noticed a growing skepticism … Continue reading Nutrition Is The Key (spiritually speaking)